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What we do

Professional Development Solutions:

8 Month supervisory and management training programme

1 Day supervisory / management training courses

Absence management Solutions

Staff Appraisal Solutions

Other Training Courses


Neuro Linguistic Programming

Team Builds with NLP


Personal Development Services:

Breakthrough Coaching

Phobia Cessation


Smoking and Weight Loss Programmes


About our beliefs

Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd believes in a holistic approach to the supervision and management of people. Gaining an understanding of self, whilst encouraging, motivating and inspiring others to perform at their best at all times through observation of this in practice.


We believe in the principle of driving down the cost of training to business and of continued support for attendees beyond initial training, to include personal coaching and breakthrough coaching sessions.


We believe in an emphasis of the techniques, language and practices of Neuro linguistic programming throughout business management applied in an overt, supportive and collaborative way for the benefit of all parties to raise awareness and performance to higher levels.


We believe that people should have choices and our courses are structured to ensure that people have the behavioural flexibility to deal with all situations from a number of viewpoints- there is no right way and sometimes using a different part of the spectrum will achieve the desired outcome.


Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd is a member of the European Mentoring and coaching council and all involved in our company abide by the EMCC code of ethics . We believe that by working with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council will help to raise standards of business coaching throughout the industry. 


Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd Aims


About our programme and training aims

Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd use many of the tried and tested techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming throughout all of their training and also offer stand-alone training as an introduction to the power of NLP through single session taster courses.


Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd Aims to give all its business and personal attendees the ability to:


About our trainers

Frank SmethersFrank Smethers has worked in a number of industries, both private and public sector and has extensive supervisory and management experience gained in fields as diverse as freight management, banking, telesales and call centres.
Frank is qualified at master practitioner level for Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™ and hypnosis.

Also qualified as a supervisor in regulated environments through his IFS qualification, Frank has worked alongside HR departments in implementing quality 121/Appraisal systems, absence management policies and sales processes combining his passion for all things Neuro linguistic to create the ultimate Neuro linguistic manager through Now Let's Perform!


About costs

Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd believes in bringing down the cost of training and keeping costs to a minimum without compromising on either the impact of the training and coaching taking place or the suitability of its external venues and will endeavour to offer their training at competitive prices having regard for the type of venues used and sustainable profitability of the company. A values based approach inevitably pushes up the cost of training and whilst we are aware of the value of our training to future bottom line results for your company we believe that your profits are your reward for taking that decision to equip your staff with a greater spectrum of management behavioural flexibility now.


Training is delivered off site in quality locations in order to provide maximum comfort and space for all attendees and all day courses include hot 2 course buffet lunches.


Our prices are extremely competitive but should you wish to hold courses on site or at our own registered head office please enquire about your needs and contact us for individual pricing options.

Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd also includes value added products to many of their trainings to develop the individuals through either business or personal coaching using a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, Time Line Therapy™Hypnosis and MP3 files.


About Venues

Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd have a preference for delivering training off site at hotel venues who are readily prepared with both training rooms and breakout areas to allow attendees the freedom to choose quieter areas for reflective thinking whilst on the courses. It can also add to the importance given to training and is away from the general day to day work environment. We are happy to provide training either on-site or at our registered head office for single company requirements.


We believe that we will work together.................... what do you believe?