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Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is Neuro Linguistic programming? - Neuro Linguistic programming has been described as the study of excellence. It is based upon the concept that if something has been done it must be possible to replicate it. It is not an excuse for leaving the hard work to others and explains the language of the mind which is needed to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes. It equips us with the “How” through a number of techniques derived from that study of excellence.


It is an art based upon a science that is still unfolding. The study of excellence!  Excellence in behaviour, excellence in thought, excellence in practice. Its title comes from combining the three key features which makes it so powerful.


Neuro - This is of our minds, how we think and why we all see, hear and feel the outside world differently from others.


Linguistic - this is of the language and how we are able to use both non-verbal and verbal clues to establish what is really being communicated by us and from others.


Programming - This is of computing- how we define, structure and sequence our communications to motivate ourselves and others.


Neuro Linguistic Programming has been around since the early 1970’s and has developed through observation and amendments ever since. It is the study of not only what people are doing (their behaviour) but also the “how can they be doing it” which takes in there physiology as well as their psychology (thought processes) It has since been used in all manner of arenas from business, education and therapy.


Now consider this - Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have (consciously) available to them - and what they are doing is the best choice available to them at this time - their behaviour is motivated by a positive intent. NLP allows the individual to find the appropriate resource, once found it is this, which brings about the change that everyone is looking for.



What is Management Training? - having the ability to utilise the full spectrum - deal with time, deal with self, deal with others, deal with teams deal with thinking, deal with feelings, and deal with visioning whilst simultaneously fusing it all together for the benefit of others, your company and yourself.



What is Hypnosis? - hypnosis is staged for the stage! That's what a lot of people thought, yet hypnosis is helping many people in pain control, education and learning, positive mental improvement and consolidating change within themselves. It is a state of quiet, passive consciousness allowing for the introduction of positive suggestions into the powerful goal-getter which is your unconscious mind. Don't ignore it, will you?


For a small additional cost, Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd will now include Hypnosis in any course to the individual as an added benefit of any change work undertaken with them if they wish.