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In addition to our NOW LET'S PERFORM! management development training programme, Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd offer 1 day open training courses and workshops throughout the year for supervisors and management personnel from different companies.


All of our 1 day training courses and workshops can be tailored and offered as bespoke packages to meet the requirements of your company and your supervisory and management teams, either at our hotel locations or your own choice of venue.


Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements, prices start from £480 + VAT per session - that's just £60 per person per full day course.

Need an Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming?

If you are not sure about the benefits that business training incorporating Neuro Linguistic Programming can bring to your company or you need to understand for yourself why you can’t avoid hearing about NLP these days then this is the course for you. Designed with business use in mind, and delivered by a master practitioner of NLP who has used and seen the benefits it brings in company cultural and individual change within a large corporate and knows it can relate easily to the smaller businesses as well.


What is coverered?


Performance Management

Appraisal workshops

Appraising people in their place of work is vital if you are to gain of their best and allow your company to perform at its best! BUT what are you appraising?

Goal setting- by numbers, by visioning by experience- S M A R T Goals aren't enough! Learn what has already happened to achieve them. An insight into values, beliefs and their motivation

Your goals or mine?

How often are you watching?

Praise – much sought, rarely given, even rarer correctly.

How Often? How Long?

Challenge those who underperform and disappoint you. A Neuro Linguistic look at how to get people to tell you what you want them to hear without you having to say it first.

Develop your high achievers- mentoring for potential-how to recognise and replicate their strengths in others

Support, support, support. Why appraisals falter and your responsibilities

One day's training £99+VAT per person - maximum 8 people per session


Absence Management Solutions

Absence Management Conversations - specifically selected Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques designed to raise prime concerns and uncover a greater degree of responsibility from the employee for their own health. Develop your conversation using impact analysis.


Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd operate a fully supportive approach towards managing absence and would recommend that all companies have additional access to health care professionals or support organisations should the need arise for their employees.


One day's training £99 +VAT per person - maximum 8 people per session



Each of the individual topic areas of the Management Development training programme can be delivered during 1 day courses to individual companies. Maximum 8 attendees. On-site price £665 + VAT .


The Neuro Linguistic meeting

Ever had this feeling?


The Neuro Linguistic Meeting - Round and Round the Garden


How to run effective meetings -  ideal for those who don't want to be seen as the non performing chair or indeed any non performing part - a Neuro linguistic look and feel at how to run effective meetings.


Learn how to chair and how to participate in outcome focussed, efficient and productive meetings that not only move the agenda along but hold people accountable to their actions.


Covers - Attendees, agenda items, purpose and timings as well as chairperson etiquette, minute taking and follow up.

Influencing SKILLS?

Know how to influence those that you need to and learn when somebody is influencing you and what choices you have to respond.


Details of this new course design will be updated shortly. Please contact us for details in the mean time


Creative Strategic Thinking

Perfect vision 2020

This 1 day workshop will expand your capacity for thinking strategically with some Neuro Linguistic Programming and mind mapping techniques. Allow your mind to wander, you can you know, into new ideas, uninhibited. Then learn as you see your real creativity and fine tune it as you experience your thinking on your timeline including how this makes you feel.

Where do you want your company to be in 2020- still too far off? How about 2015?


Learn about strategy and strategic thinking from a Neuro Linguistic programme viewpoint


Develop the 4 types of strategy you need to run your business the way you want to


Where are you now? A visual approach to now!


Where are you then? A visual approach to the future without strategic thinking in place- a powerful neurological call to action


The 5 keys that all Strategic thinking should unlock


I was strategic, I am strategic I will be strategic- a step by step process to starting off


A cyclical view of strategic thinking- perpetual change- the 5 stages to successful outcomes


Setting those all important objectives- see them realised and more-S.M.A.R.T is not enough!


So now you can see 2012 and beyond- Can anybody else? Experience how YOUR communication of YOUR strategy makes US feel. Using Neuro linguistic programming language patterning


One day's training £99 +VAT per person - maximum 8 people per session


Consultancy services

Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd provide consultancy services for the implementation of industry specific supervisory and management training incorporating Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy™ visioning techniques including:




Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd are able to design and implement complete appraisal systems for your company centred on your company vision and its key performance indicators- Don't have your kpi's yet!


Let us hold an initial consultation with you to discuss where your company is headed, establish your mid to long term goals, your short term goals- using the tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming to get to your real KPI's quickly. Once established these are used to form the core of your individual appraisal system for your company.


  • Establishing KPI's for all - Congruently
  • Learn how to deliver the message in four easy steps to all staff
  • Initial roll out: How to gain buy in from the start?
  • Are you monitoring?  Know where you are against what you are appraising



Dealing with absentee employees in a fair and realistic way brings many benefits to a company: Using elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming in return to work discussions will enhance the effectiveness of what you are doing.


Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd are able to design and install absence management policies around your company's core values and belief systems having regard for current law concerning absence. From where the company is now to where the company needs to be, a programme designed to get you there. The design of policies is a relatively straight forward process; it is in the style of the management of the policies which will bring:


  • A coherent and consistent message, supportive yet high impact
  • Employee satisfaction, as absence issues are dealt with
  • Improved figures as cases of absence reduce
  • Bottom line improvements as sickness payments or cover costs reduce
  • Improvements in customer satisfaction


To enquire about our consultancy services, please contact us


Personal profiling

Personal profiling can help immeasurably for individuals to understand where they currently are with their thinking and as an introduction to their strengths and weaknesses, decision making capabilities, communication preferences and key areas for development. Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd can work with key associates to deliver personal profiling to all delegates as an addition to any of our current training programmes, workshops or courses.


For prices in addition to the course fee please contact us


Team Builds

Team build with a difference - experience the power of NLP. Learn to influence those with whom you work through discovering their values and belief systems and linguistic patterns to change how others view you. Are your colleagues great at something and you wish you could be too? Share your greatness with others in your team using the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming.


Looking for a team build with a difference - fed up building paper towers? Had enough of herding sheep blindfolded? Lost your way in another darn forest? Crashed another super tanker? Then try a little Neuro Linguistic programming to bring you all together. Keep it work related and discover such things as your prime concerns around your work. Learn your own values which you attach to work, and those of your colleagues, then discover what you don't value!


An insightful look at why we perhaps aren't always on song with each other.


Learn a few things about yourself that you didn't know and things about your colleagues that they don't want you to know. Then when you have the knowledge, know what to do to help each other. For without helping you are not a team, and for those of you who remember there is no I in team - remember this, there is still an M and an E, so work with ME - discover all of who you are not just who you thought you were


If you truly are a team that wants to build - then this is the team building for your team, an enlightening experience


We recommend that your team are made aware of the emotional impact of this day - at times fun, at times perhaps emotionally tough always considered and always moving you forward.

We won't promise quad bikes, tanks or carts unless you want them as well (additional cost and time required), I won't promise laughter all the way but we will promise lunch and a fully packed day – a COMPLETE LEARNING EXPERIENCE


Cost: basic package with lunch £800+VAT- minimum recommended 8 persons- additional persons £90+VAT maximum 12 persons.


Training in coaching others for Supervisors and managers

A 1 day course aimed at professionals who already coach individuals or who are about to be placed in a role where performance development and coaching is paramount to the role. This course gives an insight into the introduction of Neuro Linguistic Programming into your Coaching and the power it can have to alter performances.




1 day's training off site £99+VAT per person - maximum 8 people per session

For on-site training within your company please contact us. Prices starting from £480+VAT (maximum 8 people per session)



This one day workshop is designed to let you look at what causes you stress in your business life and allows you the time to consider building new coping techniques and increase your choices for dealing with stressful situations.


Why do some people cope better with stressful situations than others? Could it be that they have developed strategies that work?



This course can be combined with individual interventions using either TimeLine Therapy™ or Hypnosis or a mix of both to establish deeper coping strategies for you.


One day’s training £99+VAT per person, maximum 8 people per session.


Course Dates

Please contact us for details of up-coming courses.


Thinking Clubs

We all think! Learn to do it with purpose

Are you looking for a place where you can learn, practice and enjoy thinking as a skill? Where no critique will dampen your enthusiasm? Where there is no right or wrong, no exacting or demanding exam at the end. Just a common purpose from like- minded people to learn and practice the art of expanding your thinking. Applies equally within business as well personal development.


12 different techniques to expand how you think! You will learn:


A walk in the park will not make you a better thinker! Practice at a Spectrum Linguistics Thinking Club with content specifically designed and provided by a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and you may find that those walks are extended as you put your new found enthusiasm for thinking into practice.


If you want something you have never had, do something you have never done



Thinking clubs are held on a regular rolling timeframe and can be held either in house for company specific attendees or as part of an open forum. Please contact us for the next start dates. Just £24 per session with every third session FREE. The sessions are rolling so you can start any month and are structured to allow you time to practice and master what you’ve learnt with optional tasks for completion each month to ensure you are progressing with your thinking.